Why bother with the NCAA?

What’s all the fuss about leaving home, friends and family behind to play basketball in a country where they don’t even speak my language?….

TASK: Cross off the list the things you don’t like,

  1. Playing Basketball
  2. Playing Basketball against great competition
  3. Getting free sports gear and trainers
  4. Playing games in front of big crowds and on TV
  5. Training with the latest equipment and new facilities
  6. Getting free massage, physio and doctors help if needed
  7. Being a star on the team (most international players are loved by the locals)
  8. Somebody paying for your accommodation and food
  9. Somebody paying for you to get a degree that is worth about $200,000
  10. Doing all this in an environment where everything is about being the best you can be and winning games

Now if your still interested here are the things that do really make it difficult….

Taking the SAT (probably twice) and the Toefl and filling in forms and doing bits of paper work that all seem weird and confusing, Training at a level of intensity that you have probably never experienced in your life, having very little spare time or sociallife , tough to get all your study work done whilst being physically exhausted, missing home like crazy and crying like a little baby in your first months or your whole freshman year for some people! College Basketball is no joke! its a serious business and whilst many players dream of it very few have a real idea of what its actually like. But think about what you are missing if you don’t give try it. Playing in the NCAA is not for everyone but if you think you maybe interested then you need to have the right people helping you to through the recruiting process that really understand whats going on.

Some pictures and videos that show what playing College Basketball can really be like.

Louisville crowd

Some colleges consistently get around 5,000 fans a game, the top programs for college attendance get over 8,000 – think back to playing in Porto in front of 3,000 and you get the idea. For a full list of college attendance can be found here http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/images/2015/07/06/womens-attendence.pdf

Training can be hard….


You will be tested physically and mentally

But playing in the big games in front of the big crowds for the Championship

A chance to give back and be a part of the community

A chance to travel with your team on tour to Europe

Making friends for life and just having fun

Being part of College Athletics is more than just Basketball

The results can be worth it – Highlights to remember for the rest of your life

If all this makes you think you want to be recruited then you can read in more detail information for players on the website and register for free to be part of the Blue Star Europe report that goes out to hundreds of coaches.  There are over 300 Division 1 NCAA universities and there are also Division 2 schools and JUCO and NAIA schools that offer scholarships.

Become part of the report to see which coaches might offer you the opportunity of a lifetime



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