11 Post players you must recruit in the 2016 Class 

Having seen a glimpse of some of the post players available to recruit in the US in the 2016 and 2017 class it would be remiss of me not to highlight those playing in Europe that are equal and superior to the US based Prospects.

Before delving into the following prospects and their particular strengths, some general observations.

The post players in Europe have size! Most of the kids here playing in the post are about 6’3 – 6’4, the kids who play as a forward are often at least 6’2 as well However there all have skill!

I would say at least of half of the kids who play inside are equally comfortable taking a 3 pointer, whilst that might not suit your coaching philosophy it’s a clear indication that these players are being developed as basketball players before they are being specialized into post players, they can all pass and dribble on the break, pass out of the post as well as step out and be effective on a high ball screen action. I am normally reserved in my player assessments however on my return from the USJN’s I was inclined to give every post player on my report and extra star! If they had been playing in the US AAU tournaments they would have been turning heads.

So a range of players to look at from finesse to athletes to beast on the block… the smorgasbord is open! This is not a complete list some players prefer to keep their intentions quiet for now …

On the Block

Whilst not limited to scoring with power moves around the basket these kids can bang inside ! 

The Athletes

With size and agility these players are capable of show stopping blocks and taking rebounds off the rim 


Like a little more Kevin McHale to your post game … These kids are long and skilled 


Subcribers check out full details here – http://wp.me/P1FCuL-9g





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