The List of players I will be highlighting this week whilst I visit America …


I am Checking out the top American players at the prestigious USJN Tournament in Washington DC this week, but why is a European scout watching whose hot in America ? 

Quite simply I am checking out your competition for scholarship offers. There are several high profile tournaments happening this week in the second of the NCAA observation periods. In Washington DC the USJN tournament will feature over 300 teams and hundreds of college coaches will be evaluating the players to determine their recruiting targets for the 2017 class and onwards. 

I like to watch the games and talk with the NCAA coaches to alert them to which players in Europe are equally good if not better than the players they are watching ! The games are fast and furious and very physical and to be honest the coaches often tell me how they much prefer to watch the European Championships.  However due to NCAA regulations no college coaches are allowed to visit this summers u18 or u16 Tournaments. 

They rely on my evaluation of talent and use the Blue Star Europe report to contact players and watch film of you that I send to the coaches.  As normal I will be at both the A and B U18 & U16 European Championships scouting players this August.

So will I be dropping your name to coaches this week…. Is your name on my list? Not unless you have completed this form. Just 60 seconds could earn you a $250,000 Scholarship offer

Don’t miss out. Remember the Blue Star Europe report is free to players. I know some companies charge you money to help you find a scholarship that’s fine and its your choice, if you have paid already doesn’t mean you can’t contact me as well! 

Mike Flynn who runs this tournament travels extensively across the globe to watch the game. He will be heading over to Russia for the u19’s and he will be joining me in Porto this summer 




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