Summer is just beginning …

As NCAA coaches you find your self fixed inside the gym observing games 9am-9pm for the next few days and then with a sigh of relief you will head back home, to meetings, preseason work outs for the lucky few a summer tour, but in truth the month of August is a wind down for many – Well My fun is just getting started! I will be in DC at the USJN’s to observe games and get some valuable facetime with coaches (especially my current subscribers) but after that i am hitting the scouting trail in earnest! from July 29th- Aug 23rd.

I have already taken in a number of tournaments and gotten a glimpse at some new young talent but nothing beats the European Championships.  Both the u18 & u16’s have an A and B division tournament.  First stop for me is Bucharest to observe 20 National teams play for promotion from Div B at the u18 Championships, After 5 days of observing games I leave to Celje in Slovenia on the 4th August to observe the 16 Division A teams fight for the European Championship in the final 5 days of the tournament play.

FIBA locations 2015

Next up is always the exciting look at the u16’s tournament many of these players will be 2018’s and younger.  First I will be in Macedonia for a week, and will watch 5 days of action between 20 National teams of the B division.  After this a trip back to Porto where the Division A European Champions will be crowned in front of thousands of fans.

Two years ago I enjoyed talking with coaches at the games, when you see me let me know which players you are looking at and I will give you an indication of the talent back in Europe you may want to consider recruiting.  Thinking back to one game in DC where an ncaa coach pointed out their current top target at the PG position, I shook my head and said I promise you, you need to recruit a kid from England called Jay-Ann; she has just finished as the MAC conference freshman of the year.  There is no question that the talent in Europe is quality and in some instances program changing, you just need to know where to look and how to start the recruiting process.

I am in DC for just the first two days and fly back to London on the night of the 23rd.  Please don’t hesitate to say hi, or arrange a meeting court side to make sure we don’t miss each other.  Maybe you are already recruiting a player from Europe and just want a second opinion.  DM me on twitter or email

See you in DC!



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