End school 2020, 2021, 2022 find out why American coaches want to know about you NOW, NOT in two years!

One of the most difficult things I have to do is to explain to players from Europe why NCAA coaches want to start the recruitment process so early, Well maybe these are some of things you have not considered before.

The NCAA changed the rule recently and this means that NCAA coaches can now offer official visits to players beforetheir senior year.  You get 5 visits where the school will pay for your trip (and a parent) to visit the campus and meet all the staff and players.  So now many American players who end school in 2019 have already taken an official visit and given their ‘verbal’ commitment to the university.  So some programs have already completed recruiting for the 2019 class. Here are the ranking for programs that have already got commitments so far – 2019 recruiting rankings by NCAA school

Imagine you are a college coach, making good money to coach Basketball, all you need to do is keep winning to get a bigger bonus and not get sacked!, but every team needs talented players… If you were a college coach what would you be doing right now? Exactly you would be hunting down the next best player to make sure your team keeps winning!

NCAA coaches wathcing

NCAA coaches can only contact you regularly from September 1st (of your Junior year/ Last two years of school) BUT they can watch film of you play and listen to scouts like me evaluate your game.  Some NCAA programs may only have two scholarships left in the 2020 class and they may already be close to getting a final decision from a USA based player so now they just need that one player to complete the 2020 class – That could be you; but if you are not on a scouting report how will they know about you!? Duh!!

NCAA coaches can not watch games in August so they will not be at this years u16 or u18 European Championship games. BUT they will all be at the major AAU tournaments in America like the USJN’s where hundreds of team play hoping to catch the eye of the recruiters.

USJN court

I have attended these tournaments where a player catches the interest and before you know it there are dozens of coaches all watching the same game, and planning on how they are going to start recruiting that player.  I will be honest, I sometimes watch many of these games in disbelief thinking to myself and how many players I know back in Europe are soo much better – but if you have not agreed for me to add your details to the Blue Star Europe report ( by filling this in http://bluestareurope.com/index.php/player-registration/) then I am not going to tell anybody about you!

Many of the players who are on the Blue Star Europe report from last year in the 2018 class will be able to tell you of the coaches who have written to them and some have had the coaches travel to Europe to meet with them and watch them play already.  As soon as they have taken the SAT or ACT and proved their are going to be academically eligible they can start taking those official visits.

If you end school in 2020, 2021 or even 2022 you are the player I am most interested in – My report is free to players.  So the cost to you is about 60 seconds of your time completing the player registration page ( and that does not mean I am the only person you who can help you, the more the better) If you have any questions then please ask or get your parents or coach to write to me

Hope to see you in the gym soon!

Dan Bowmaker AKA Mr Blue Star Europe

ps if you end school in 2019 then contact me immediately if you are hoping to get a scholarship offer


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