Guess whose back ?

364 days ago I heard one of the worst screams of my life, the gym fell silent and everything stopped, all helpless watching the young Danish star Enna clutch her knee.  A slip on a baseline drive, nothing more but a twisted knee and 12 months rehab faced the youngster from a torn ACL.

As every coach knows and every player fears “will I get back to my best?”.  Well in her first game back for the National team Enna Pehadzic proved to her self most importantly the answer was a resounding yes.  Cruised to 19 points from just 16 minutes action she hadn’t skipped a beat.   Looking fitter than before she continued to lead the team with great enthusiasm and character.

And the team … This generation were promoted from the u16 B division in the European Championships in Porto back in 2013. A well balanced team that always demonstrated a passion to play they have great chemistry and just like to get the job done. The Nordic Championships are where they are putting down their marker to the teams that will face them in Romaniana this summer

Sarah Mortensen is a cool customer that seems to find a way to score, whatever you try to take away she’s half a second ahead and her mid range jumper is solid.  Vik Mikkelsen  and Sofie Scirmer are the glue to the team and with Trine Drejer ready to kill from outside and speed down the lane they are tough to stop. Add to this the strength inside from Grace Gardner and the addition of 98 born Lena Svanhom you can see why Enna says hopes are high for a great summer.

I wish all the payers good luck in their final preparations and look forward to seeing you in Bucharest

College coaches interested in recruiting these players who graduate in 2016/17/18 get in touch!



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