I wish these stories weren’t true 

Whilst I wish the following stories were not true … They are. 


Every year I take great pride in playing a small part in helping dozens of girls from Europe achieve their life long ambition of playing in the NCAA and yet each year I also have to be the bearer of sad news.
Sadly many young players from Europe do not know all of the rules regarding eligibility to play NCAA basketball. For some it’s sheer ignorance and for others there is a darker and more sinister side to their story. Read more to protect yourself from their journeys
The ‘late comers’ … 
Each summer I get several messages from players ” hey do you remember me, you write me two years back but now I changed my mind I want to go America 😁 can you help me ?”
And for the real late comers the answer is no. If you have not completed either the SAT or ACT test before the summer of your last year of high school then you can not prove that you have the grades to be an ‘academic qualifier’   It doesn’t matter how good a player you are college coaches can not offer you a scholarship. The only small positive is if you are willing and able to wait another 12 months then you can try next year.
The ‘professionals’….
“Can you help me I think I want to go to America now”
Sometimes players just change their mind, limited playing time or poor conditions, but Sadly I know that some agents have hidden the truth from young players deliberately in their desire to make money. They tell the player its OK to sign with an agent “nobody knows about this its just small money now no problem” rather than give free choice to a young person instead they have stolen an opportunity from the player that can never be had. Why sign a contract when you are 17 years old for 300 Euros a month to miss out on a scholarship worth over $50,000 a year.  If in doubt check but don’t take money or sign a contract with an agent or a club unless you are 100% sure you do not want to play in the NCAA.
The ‘non qualifiers’ …
Not many people like taking exams and taking a weird test that is not in your language can seem scary.  But think about this, American students can take the exam in their own school, they get special lessons to help them prepare and even though that is true still 55 % of juniors taking the test improved their scores as seniors.  

( this is an example of the SAT question of the Day that you can download the free app) 
So I know some of you have to travel for miles to take the test, and it costs money and you may have to miss a Basketball game to do it but you have to do it and you have to get a good grade.  Compare it to your basketball life, you spend countless hours working on your game to be ready for the big game, why do some people think they don’t need to prepare for the SAT and take it at the end of their senior year when you have to prepare for your normal school exams, make no sense.  College coaches can pay for you and a parent to come and visit their school ( you get 5 official visits in total) they want to know you can make the grade before they start spending thousands of dollars! Don’t be that player that has some fantastic scholarship offers but doesn’t qualify – Take the test early, my advice is do not leave it later than October of your senior year.
Chase your dreams…
I like to see young people chase their dreams, the NCAA route is not for everybody but if there is a small part of you that thinks one day I might want to see what it is like then Plan ahead and don’t make these mistakes!
Coaches have mainly completed recruiting players who end school this year ( 2015’s) they will be having their favorite 2016 players on visits in the next few weeks and if they decide to commit to the university then those schools are now starting to recruit just players who end school in summer 2017. If you end school in 2016 and have not contacted me or started this process you are late ! if you are ending high school in 2017/2018/2019 then you are the players I am really interested in talking to as soon as possible.
I help players for free – have a look at the players who featured as part of the Blue Star Europe report this year.
If you want to register your details for free then follow this link – Don’t delay, chase your dreams don’t let them be broken.
Check back soon for another blog on some of the things young players need to know to be successfully recruited.

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