2015 Atheltic 6’1 Forward from England still open


Check out Jess the 6’1 forward from England – great athletic frame. Jess plays for Division one women’s team Loughborough Riders.  Jess has the physique of a high level D1 Athlete and has huge upside, she has developed her perimeter game and is shooting the 3 ball consistently well now.  If her skill set continues to improve she has long term potential as a 3 stretch 4.

Coach Matt Harber  on Jess…

“Jess is a bright young lady who is a successful student-athlete. Jess takes her education very seriously and is committed to combining both her academics and her basketball schedule. Jess is improving every day and has worked really hard on her physique and conditioning whilst being with our programme over the past two seasons. Jess is a long, athletic forward who can shoot the ball from the perimeter and has the body and athleticism to defend multiple positions. Jess can run the floor really well and is an active defender who rebounds well at both ends of the floor. I think Jess is still developing and has a lot of upside as an athlete – certainly a player who will grow over the course of a four year college degree.”

Please contact Matthew Harber
(T) +44 7811-421-161
(S) mjharber1
Link for full game

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