Meet the soon to be Swedish Sensation..


Meet Klara – She’s about to burst onto the International Basketball scene in Tallinn during the Annual Baltic Sea Cup tournament, starting this weekend.  Klara was the only member of the BSE All Star Team to not make an impact in the summer of 2014, not because she was not ready but more because she was unable.  A sensible approach by the National Federation to ‘protect’ future protégés means they are held back from playing for the National Team whilst under age.

Klara was just 14 when she played alongside other future All stars in the CPSI tournament in Denmark September 2013, All were stunned by her skills!  Klara handles the ball like a seasoned pro, can twist defenders inside out as she cruises down the lane for score after score.   It’s no surprise to find out she started playing the game at a very tender age, youngest of 3 sisters* and daughter to former players Basketball has been her life!

Klara was nominated the MVP of our Blue Star Europe All Star Team ( pictured below) which featured 3 of the Czech u17 World Championship team including back to back FIBA u16 All star Julia Reisingerova, Latvain star Digna Strautmane and Division B MVP and All stars Satou Sabaly and Savannah Wilkinson (all 2017’s)


 Klara’s talent stood out whilst playing with these stars as a 14 year old, expect to hear her name for a long time to come.  The Swedish u16 team will look to make a statement in Tallinn as they look to secure promotion back to Division A in summer 2015, they have some great prospects and a well balanced team that I scouted back in June of last year, I am really looking forward to all the games in Estonia, particularly the match up between Sweden and Latvia.

* Anna Lundquist a 2015 graduate is still open to be recruited her details and all the players featured in this blog along with other top European Prospects are featured in the BSE Report

FIBA video on Rising Stars Julia and Digna



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