Looking forward to 2016

Looking towards 2016

What happened to 2015? Well whilst the recruiting year is not yet done the top European 2015 prospects are starting to catch pace with their American Counterparts.  This time last year only a handful of Euro prospects had made an early commitment however in the class of 2015 we have seen around 20 early commits.  Whilst Duke snatched Angela Salvadores from other top BCS ranked schools the hunt continues for others, who are firmly set in the short list of some great prospects.  Schools that have got some early wins on the recruiting trail include, American, Charlotte, Cornel, Dayton, Drexel, Duquesne, Michigan State, Northeastern, ODU, Oral Roberts, Oregon, Quinnipiac, Richmond, Umass, Washington State.

The class of 2015 has some great unsigned talent, and some decisions awaiting confirmation.  However looking forward to 2016 Class there is great depth at all positions, over 25 players listed as over 6′. NCAA coaches are getting better at seeking out the International talent but some programs are getting left behind will you jump into the future for 2016?

For more information on getting involved in International Recruiting contact Dan Bowmaker and check out details on the NCAA Approved scouting service http://www.bluestareurope.com/usacoaches.html

Video from last summers FIBA u17 World Championships – If you are a college coach and don’t know the Graduation dates of the players seen here and which ones are wanting to be recruited, well watch the video and judge for yourself! Don’t miss out on a big 2016 recruiting class, act now in 2015!


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