Croatian Goles signs with Young Harris

Young Harris have bagged a good one! Dora Goles the crafty guard from
Croatia has signed with the Mountain Lions and will add some deep range fire power. She averaged 39% from behind the arc in this summers Division A European Championship with a stellar 21 points against Netherlands being one of her many highlights.

But how does a Mid Major D1 prospect from Croatia head to the Mountains of Georgia ?
Good recruiting and a player that wants a small college feel. ” Matt seemed really nice and helped explain everything I needed to know, I love the location and smaller feel of Young Harris compared to some other schools who were recruiting me ”
Said Goles of asst coach Stearsman.

Matt responded to a tweet from Blue Star Europe last year, late in the recruiting process of Swedish Post player Amanda Okodugha who has already settled in well. Pleased by the ease of signing an International player Young Harris didn’t hesitate to sign up to the Blue Star Europe report to get access to all the best players from across the pond and it’s evident that they are reaping the return on their small investment.

“Despite her slender size Dora has proven at the highest level of European competition she can score and defend. She avg 10.1 pts a game 2.6 steals and 3.4 Rebs a game against some very tough competition. Whilst several higher level D1 schools came out to watch the action in Portugal there are dozens of mid major prospects that are keen to play in America and that’s the value of the Blue Star Europe report that is well under half the cost of a round trip to Europe ” explains Dan Bowmaker ” coaches at all levels can benefit from recruiting overseas you just need to know where to look and how to get started. Whilst this season has seen some high interest early commits there are still dozens of players in the 2015 class waiting to sign ” any coach wanting more information just email Dan at


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