The information behind the news story

Last nights epic game between Hosts Czech Republic and Hungary was just a fantastic display of youth women’s basketball.  The crowd was rocking, the arena fitting for the contest and the talent on show!!! But as college coaches you aren’t just watching this for fun, you need to recruit players and there is no doubt there are players on both rosters that can earn starting minutes as Freshman, but Who!?

Let me tell you this, if as a college coach you don’t know the following then all I can say is – Blue Star Europe subscribers are one step ahead of the International recruiting game

Which team has average graduation of 2017?

Which players are 2015?

Who has an ‘agent’ and has no interest in NCAA

Which team had one of their best players out?

The news story from FIBA is here

The report for the inside information is here,
Not yet subscribed, want more information read here

An emotional game – All smiles before here with Julia’s Parents but she was very tearful when she spoke to me after the game.
julia parents


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