Will American College Coaches be watching my games this summer?

There are two simple answers to this question…
1.Recruiting Calendar dates are set by the NCAA – this means there are only certain days during July that NCAA coaches are allowed to be observing you! The dates are July 6th-12th & July 23rd -31st.

2. Do they know about your interest in playing College Basketball? How?

With the dates set for July NCAA coaches have to make a decision on which Championship to observe, some schools will come to more than one but the majority will make just one trip over to Europe or stay in America and watch the thousand of players playing in AAU tournaments.
FIBA u17 World Championships– NCAA coaches can only observe the last day of games. Many who come will also be coming to observe team USA, so lets assume they will be playing in the top 8! (those games are held in Pilsen). So if you want to be seen make sure your team is in the top 8 or Blue Star will be watching all teams play and writing a report for our subscribers.  If you haven’t already told me that you have an interest in playing in USA do so asap, other wise your play will go unnoticed!

FIBA u20 European Championships – NCAA coaches mainly travel to these tournaments to see players they are already recruiting.  As most of the players have already graduated from high school, only a handful of players are eligible to recruit so its not normally considered a good investment by NCAA coaches so not very likely there will be many coaches watching the games.

FIBA u18 European Championships – Several NCAA coaches have already told me they are coming to Porto.  A few are considering a trip to Division B but with the tournament venues so far apart and Romania a little more difficult to travel to its not so likely.  In Porto the coaches can only start watching games on the 23rd July, some will stay to also see games on the final 3 days.  However some will not stay as long and rely on information from scouts to know which games to go watch.  I prepare a list of players that I have spoken to before the tournament and send this to coaches.  They use this information to decide which games to watch.  If you have not told me you want to play in the NCAA you have drastically reduced your chance of being seen.

FIBA u16 European Championships – With only the first day of competition permissible for NCAA coaches to watch  it is very unlikely any will stay in Europe to watch.  I will be at both the A and B division games for the entire tournament.  NCAA schools then get my report on players that are interested in playing College Basketball.

What shall I do if I am interested in playing in the NCAA?

Blue Star Europe is only allowed to send a report to coaches with your full contact information on.  It doesn’t matter how good your are, there are strict rules for me as a scout about what I can provide college coaches, one of them is that I must provide your contact details – that’s why you must send your personal information to me! It takes you just one minute to complete this form.  Doing so means you have a 100% chance of being seen by college coaches as they will get your details on my report with Video from the Championships.
contact details form

If I have sent you a message on Facebook asking if you are interested in playing in America and what year you end high school and you didn’t reply … And college coaches ask me about you … I will simply say I don’t think you are interested and they will likely focus their attention elsewhere. But what if you are not sure about your future plans ?
The smart thing to do is keep your option open! Talking to a college coach is simply that ! A talk. It’s not a contract it’s not a final decision. But coaches want to contact you as early as possible. If you want to talk more about it just send me a message on FB , Twitter, Skype ( Blue Star Europe ) viber, whatspp or iMessage on +447939575650. Over the last few years dozens of players have done just that and they are now living their dream of playing in America. All for free !

What if somebody else is helping me already? Well I say the more the better ! No one person has exclusive rights over your future other than you !!! You decide who to talk to and which school you chose so it’s best to keep open contact with anyone that can help you. There are over 300 Division one schools in the NCAA. College coaches like to get opinions on players from different sources, so even if you have paid a company to help you find a scholarship it’s very likely that a NCAA coach that knows me well and trust my judgement will ask me about your game.

If you or your parents want any more information don’t hesitate to get in contact. Look forward to seeing you play soon!


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