Come and see the best players in Europe! The when, where and how of July in Europe for college coaches

A quick guide for college coaches considering making a trip over to sunny Europe to check out the talent you all know is here!
This July there are four major tournaments where you can grab some action.

U17 World Championships will now be held in Czech Republic ( Klatovy and Pilsen)  from 28 June-6 July so unfortunately only the last day of completion falls within the first July observation period.

However Blue Star Europe will be there to observe all teams play – Subscribers will get pre tournament rosters with graduation dates and player status (professional/NCAA interested) and observation report.

U20 European Championships

Fiba Europe host A and B competitions for the u20’s.  This year Division A is held in Udine, Italy and the 16 teams will start action on the 3rd -13 July Schedule of the tournament below.,kFHn1.compID_FBoLIZ9eGMw1MS4DX8h1D2.html

The u20 B division is held in Sofia Bulgaria and the tournaments runs at the same time as the A division games however just ten teams are competing,kFHn1.compID_FBoLIZ9eGMw1MS4DX8h1D2.roundID_9872.html

For NCAA coaches there is the most value in attending the u18 or u16 Championships.  At the u20 stage many of the players have already committed to a college or have started their professional career, whilst this is not true for all countries ( especially some northern European ones with late graduation dates) the best value for money is to see the younger ones.

U18 European Championships A division games 17th July – 27th are being hosted in Porto, Portugal, last years venue for the u16 B Division where massive home crowds attended to create a great atmosphere.

Many coaches will be heading into see the big named stars from 2012’s u16 Championships – Angela Salvadores and Cecilia Zandalasini and they are worth the flight alone! But don’t be fooled all 16 teams are stacked.

The traditional schedule of 3 days on followed by a rest day means most schools will catch the action on the 23rd July enjoy the sights and sounds that Porto has to offer and then observe some or all of the final 3 days of the tournament.  I will be there from the first day and then heading off to u18 B Championships on the morning of the 23rd.  Subscribers will have received their updated report on the rosters and players current status.  As with all these tournaments knowing the players intentions regarding a desire to play in the NCAA is critical.  Two years ago many NCAA coaches ventured out to the u18 Championships in Romania.  Those without correct information spent wasted time and energy watching and pursuing contact with some very exciting prospects from a team where I had already confirmed the kids desire to play pro ( not a single player on that team chose the NCAA route)  Flights to Porto from the east coast are in the region of $1700 but don’t threat about Car hire as the tram system is one of the best in Europe and hotels are reasonably priced. Don’t waste your money coming to watch a player that already has a pro contract!

Flight prices

The u18 B Division is in Romania, its tough to travel between the two tournaments – My route is to fly from Porto-Barcelona-Budapest and then drive into Romania. A days travel but well worth it as there are some top players on view.  The two tournaments venuews for the B division are Timisoara and Oradea.  The towns are about 2 and half hour drive apart!  I will be based in Oradea as the top half of the tournament and finals will be held here. There is one day where I will drive north to see teams play in Timisoara as its a rest day for Oradea based teams due to the strange schedule as 17 teams feature this year.,kFHn1.compID_uHP8sHguJSYAvKyuMkarZ1.roundID_9892.html

The u16 Championships are off territory for NCAA coaches this year other than the first day of competition as the dates ( 31st July- 10th August) are outside the observation period.  However I will be at both venues Debrecen, Hungary for the A division and then Tallinn, Estonia for the B competition.  Gold plus and Platinum subscribers get their return here as they will receive a full report on the younger players featured in these tournaments.

Counting the cost… A subscription to Blue Star Europe is far cheaper than one round trip to any of these European destinations.  If budgets are tight subscribe and receive a report from all venues on players interested in playing college Basketball, video like the game below are standard and you can avoid a 18 hour flight and still keep your eye on the top talent in the US.  Check out details of the service here



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