Blue Star Europe’s Comprehensive coverage is #1

When picking a scouting service for International recruiting where better to look than Blue Star Europe, if the W/NBA is flooded with top Europeans then why not your school!

But what separates Blue Star Europe from other scouting services?

  • Based in London UK, my travel to see players is more frequent and diverse than US based companies.  Throughout this season I have been in a different country every month scouting players at International tournaments and top clubs. See my schedule below.
  • Full coverage of the European Championships – for the last 3 years I am the only scout that has been at both the A and B division of the European Championships at u16 & u18.  I know this for a fact as I have sat in empty gyms where myself and parents of players have been the only people in the arena.  There are 16 Nations that play in Division A and in Division B up to a further 20 countries involved and there is talent there! look at recent signings this year who chose USF, Florida State, Gonzaga, to name but a few all from the B division – so why buy a service that doesn’t even cover 50% of Europe! (see list of players signed in the 2014 class here )
  • Accurate player evaluations!  I still coach (and produce Division 1 players yearly from my own club) I am active in the game, I know first hand the experience the athletes and coaches are going through as they are being recruited by you.  I travel each year to watch NCAA games and AAU tournaments so I am up to date with where your current needs are and the standard of players your are looking to bring in.  For this reason my evaluations of players are accurate! I know the damage it does to the student athlete and your own program if a players is ‘over sold’ and unable to perform to your expectations, it is damaging and unnecessary and unfair to all involved, integrity is key!

I would love to talk to you further if you want more information about recruiting Internationally.  Many coaches are unsure where to start and that is understandable however once you start you just cant stop! I have never met a coach yet who regrets going the international route yet!  I have been in gyms in the US in April and July where over a 100 NCAA coaches have crowded the court of a key game all purveying a few players, each school hoping that they can out compete the other and yet I look on knowing that there are dozens of players in Europe who can outshine the talent you are looking at.  Those players you are missing out on are at the end of an email subscription to Blue Star Europe.  Don’t delay any further subscribe and take your program to the next level…

September – Demark The BSE all Star team ( 12 top ’98 born players from all over Europe ) played in the Copenhagen PSI tournament featuring top club teams from Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

October – Latvia travelled to observe one of Europe’s best 2015 players in action and see Finland, Estonia and Latvia u16 teams in action.

November – Netherlands Had a great time visiting the National team coach of Holland spending time at their academy and observing some of the best upcoming stars in action.

December – Belgium travelled to see one of Europe’s biggest Christmas tournaments where club teams from all over Europe were competing, including the Israeli National academy.

January – Estonia The Baltic Sea Basketball cup where the u16 and u18 National teams of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden compete annually

February – USA I Was in the US for a week visiting former players and college coaches at their schools

March – UK Slacking I know but had to turn my attention to preparing my own club team for National play offs!

April – USA Nashville for the women’s Final four.

May – Sweden Spent several days observing the Nordic Championships where the u16 and u18 National teams of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Sweden compete.

and I’m off – for my summer schedule check here!



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