The ‘next’ basketball phenom?


Remember the first time you saw the high school Griner Dunk, or the grainy video of Astou Ndour from Spain dunking at age 14… Well Blue Star Europe presents Ariel Loiter.  She may not be dunking but she is going all the way! Ariel Loiter, just turned 12, currently living in Singapore is going to make a big splash! Just watch the way the youngster drops rainbow bombs for fun, well 1,000 a day to be precise.


Whilst Blue Star Europe traditionally unearths the best talent across mainland Europe we wont stop there, especially when players like Ariel Loiter exist.  What’s so intriguing about this kid and why is she a name to watch, well most young protégés are driven by insane parents and are working out from the age of 5, not so here.  The all rounder and I mean all rounder (speaks 3 languages and top of her very prestigious primary school) only found the game at age 9.  Yes you are seeing the product of over just two years of training.  But two years like any subscriber to the 10,000 hour rule would be proud of.  Clocking up an impressive 24-28 hours training a week she has already been called up to the u15 Singapore National Team.


One day Ariel asks Dad to attend a basketball session back in Israel, grudgingly Dad agrees on the condition that one of her many other activities will have to go should she decided to take up the game.  Where opportunity meets hard work…. Ariel is coached by the legendary Ziv Erez He is blown away by her Natural flair for the game and embarks on a training program with the kid.  Ariel is making great progress but the family move to Singapore and find the level of basketball opportunities to be dismal.  But her passion for the game and the families ability and desire to support her ambitions mean that a complete package of team and individual training is put together with the help and leadership of Coach Cindy Chan.

She works on all areas of her game with a range of coaches and the evidence is clear to see here…


Whilst the standard of high school competition may hold her back, that is already been factored in and consideration of a move to the US for high school seems likely.  So in 2020 when she signs her National Letter of Intent to the NCAA school of her choice who will be the smug coach who recalls seeing her first play when she was 11? This kid is smart, dedicated and well supported she has shown what she can do in just two years, what’s she going to be like in another 6!  Ariel  has clear ambitions I think you will read about them in her biography one day


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2 thoughts on “The ‘next’ basketball phenom?

  1. Impressive article. Good to see a young kid such as Ariel Loiter showing great potential! Looking forward to seeing how she progresses over the years.

  2. What a great article, looking forward to seeing more. As of the next young “basketball phenom”, I would be looking forward to the development in her game and career.

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