U20 European Championships Preview 2013


The best u20 Players from across Europe start their quest for glory as the Division A and B competitions tip off on July 4th 2013

Samsun in Turkey is the host venue for the Division A championship and Albena in Bulgaria are the hosts for the Division B competition.

Both tournaments take place at the same time from 4 until 14 July 2013.

This year with the u19 World Championship starting just 4 days after completion of the u20’s, it will be interesting to see how the final rosters are determined and how different Nations take a different approach to the tournament.  The teams in Bold below will also be playing in the u19 World Championship. Greece will field a young team that feature many of last years u16’s players, several of these are looking to play in the NCAA in the coming years – Several teams feature current NCAA players, least of all Toledo boast two star Spaniards in Inmaculada Zanoguera and incoming freshman Elena De Alfredo.

The Division A teams are split into four groups of four teams. At the end of the preliminary round the top three teams of each group move to the qualifying round.

Group A: Belarus, Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine

Group B: Greece, Poland, Slovak Republic, Spain

Group C: France, Italy, Hungary, Russia

Group D: Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey

The bottom four teams must play in a relegation group in which all teams play each other twice. The bottom three teams at the end are relegated to Division B.

This year the Division B tournament is a round-robin league format with all the teams playing each other once. The top three teams at the end of the competition will be promoted.

Division B teams are Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Latvia, Israel, Macedonia, Portugal and Romania.

You can follow links to the results and stats here



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