Lithuania vs Germany its win or win!

Both sharing the same aspirations, Survival in the top flight Lithuania and Germany must see tomorrow’s first round game as vital.  With Sweden a tough challenge for both and hosts Turkey in their group both teams know what’s at stake.

Lithuania arrive with a young team and coach Dalius Ubartas has referred to the ‘gap’ that exists at this age group – rather alarming given that they host the u19 World Championships July 18th.

Germany have a well balanced side although concerns over Anna Heise health at the start of the tournament have been raised ( she rested from today training) , she will surely step up to the occasion.  One of the most exciting players I have followed over the years Elizabeth Dzirma has matured and after a good showing in the last years u18 B Championship will have the opportunity to stamp her mark on the European A division platform.

Lithuania maybe concerned about their depth at this age group but having enjoyed watching their u16’s last summer gain promotion to the A division their long term future is in good hands – 96 born Agne Černeckytė will hold her at own at this level and will surely learn from the experience.

Game tips at 13.30 local time


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