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Dan Bowmaker continues to be the sole scout for the NCAA approved scouting report however working with Blue Star Media we have extended our coverage of youth Tournmantes through they year. Please subscribe as per usual via PayPal on the updated website



August 2017 FIBA coverage

A unique calendar of events this year sees the u18 and u16 FIBA European Championships start over the same weekend.  I am based in Bourges France for the first few days of the u16 Division A championship before heading over to Sopron Hungary for the u18 Division A tournament.  The blue star media team are providing comprehensive coverage this summer as Paul Nilsen and Mike Flynn are also here in Bourges, Paul for the duration of the tournament where as Mike will be heading to Dublin to cover the u18 Division B games.  Shortly after these three tournaments I will be heading over to Skopje Macedonia to cover the u16 Division B games.

In total 78 National Teams will be observed during this period, let the games begin!

Check out the tournament websites

U16 European Championship

U18 European Championship


2016’s Committed where?

Another solid recruiting class have made their commitments.

All of the players listed below featured as part of the full Blue Star Europe report. Players commitments are listed by school.
NCAA Coaches there are still players open! (and announcements coming over next few days of players who are keeping their commitment quiet for now, or waiting on SAT score in May) – NCAA coaches looking to complete their 2016 class contact me asap – The 2017 & 2018 Class is equally talented! If your are not subscribed to the BSE Report and would like information I look forward to talking to you.

Boston College  Taylor Ortepp Guard   5’7 from Australia

Photo by Whiteline Media -

Boston College  Georgina Pineu    Power forward 6’1 from Australia

Georgina Pineu

Colorado Eleanor Jones 6’2 Forward from England

Eleanor jones
Dartmouth  Paula Lenart   Forward 5’9 from Romania

Paula Lenart

Detroit  Anja Marinkovic  SG 5’9″ from Serbia

Anja Marinkovic

Drexel Ana Ferariu 5’7 Guard from Romania

Duquesne  Nina  Aho SG 5’8 from Hungary

Nina Aho

Fordham Katarzyna Olczak   Post  6′ 5 from Poland

Katarzyna Olczak

FSU  Iho Lopez    Power forward 6’2 from Spain

Iho Lopez

Hofstra  Ana Hernández Gil   SG/PG  5’9 from Spain

Ana Hernández Gil

Hofstra Marianne Kalin 6’1 Forward from Finland

Marianne Kalin

Hofstra Sandra  Karsten Forward 5’8 from Finland

Sandra Karsten

Illinois Petra Holesinka  PG  5’8 from Czech Republic

Petra Holesinka

Iowa State Adriana Camber G/F 5’10 from Sweden

Adriana Camber

Iowa State Sofija Zivaljevic Guard   5’8 from Montenegro

Sofija Zivaljevic

Loughborough  Kadri Uiga Power forward 6′ from Estonia

Kadri Uiga

Loyola Maryland  Molly Taylor SG/PG  5’9 from England

molly taylor

Maine  Blanca Millán Modia Guard 6′ from Spain

Blanca Millán Modia

Maine   Naira Caceres Martell Small Forward   6’1 from Spain

Naira Caceres Martell

Maine   Laia Sole  Forward 6’2 from Spain

Laia Sole

Maine   Anita Kelava  Power Forward 6’2 from Croatia

Anita Kelava

Maine   Fanny Wadling  Forward 6’1 from Sweden

Fanny Wadling

Maine   Tihana Stojsavljevic Power forward 6’1 from Croatia

Tihana Stojsavljevic

Miami  Sarah Mortensen Forward  6′ from Denmark

Sarah Mortensen

Mineral Area College Dominika Skrocka SG 5’7 from Poland

Dominika Skrocka

Oregon  Morgan Yaeger  SG/PG  5’9 from Australia

Morgan Yaeger

Pacific  Jenelle  Grant Guard   5’10 from England

Jenelle Grant

Portland State Caroline Tindall Wich Power Forward 6’2 from Denmark

Caroline Tindal Wich

San Jose State  Anna Thomasdotter  Forward 5’9 from Sweden

Anna Thomasdotter

San Diego State Abigail Lowe 5’10 SG from England 

england player-abigail lowe

San Diego Ana Ramos 5’6 PG from Portugal

ana ramos

Siena Anna Lundquist 5’9 Guard from Sweden


Sienna Sabrina Piper 5’10 combo guard from France 


St Leo Gina Brierley 5’6 Guard from UK

Gina Brierley

St Marys Jasmine Forcadilla PG 5’6 from Australia

Jasmine Forcadilla

Toledo Mariella Santucci PG 5’8 from Italy

Mariella Santucci

UIC Tyra Carlsten Handberg 6’2 Post from Sweden

UTEP Katarina Zec SG 5’9 from Serbia

katarina zec

USF Dorottya Nagy  Forward 6’2 from Hungary

Dorrottya Nagy

USF Enna Pehadzic Guard  5’8 from Denmark

Enna Pehadzic

Virginia Lisa Jablonowski  Forward 6’2 from Luxembourg

Lisa Jablonowski

Wake Forrest Alex Sharp Guard   6’0 from Australia

Alex Sharp

Washington State Jovana Subasic 6’3 Forward from Serbia

Washington State Johanna Muzet 6′ Guard from France

Weatherford College Lydia Friberg 6’2 Forward from Sweden

Western Wyoming CC Holly Wilkes 6’4 Post from England

Wright State Myrtle Den Heeten 5’8 Guard from Netherlands


NCAA Coaches there are still players open! (and announcements coming over next few days of players who are keeping their commitment quiet for now, or waiting on SAT score in May) – NCAA coaches looking to complete their 2016 class contact me asap – The 2017 & 2018 Class is equally talented! If your are not subscribed to the BSE Report and would like information I look forward to talking to you.

Late signings from Europe brining rich reward for Top 25 Schools

Both late signings, Both recruited by less than 5 schools, and yet both playing at a top 25 School and making major contributions in this their Freshman year.

Eleanna Chritinaki from Greece gave her commitment to the University of Florida after her visit in April last year. Currently averaging 22 minutes game and 9.9 points a game its her 3.9 assists that’s turning heads, most notably 8 and 10 against SEC opponents in her last two games.  Read more on Eleanna’s SEC freshman of the week award


Kitija Laksa the 6’ guard from Latvia made her decision in late March to attend USF after agonising between Tampa and Maine. Ranked as one of the top guards in the 2015 class she has proven her ability to play at the top level, recently scoring 17 points against Uconn to back up a program record 38 points for a Freshman against SMU that has seen her land the USBWA National Freshman of the week.

kitija laksa usf

Both of these players highlight the quality that exists on the International recruiting trail, sometimes you have to be patient but when you pick up late signings like these two all NCAA coaches can see the value in international recruiting and the Blue Star Europe Report.

See you in Tallinn? BSBC 2016

As ever the Baltic Sea Cup is one of my favourite tournaments to attend and is a great way to start the New Year.  Its with great pleasure that I introduce Renee Johnson Allen who will be in Tallinn this year watching the games as a scout for Blue Star Europe, so when you see her don’t be shy say hi!

Renee was a former student and player of mine before she followed her own dream of playing Division 1 NCAA Basketball at the University of Drexel in Philadelphia.  Renee knows what it’s like to leave your home country to study and play the game at the highest level, she would be more than happy to share her experiences with any players or parents interested.  Highlight of her playing career was winning the WNIT National Championship in 2013 where Drexel had just one turnover the entire game to beat UTAH 46-43.

Last years tournament at the u16 age group was the best standard it has been for years, I am excited to observe the progress of those players who have moved up to the u18 teams this winter and of course cant wait to see the next stars of the Baltic Sea Cup challenge for the u16 title.

Best of luck to all players!

Remember Blue Star Europe helps players for free if they are interested in playing college basketball in the USA, check out this link to see some of the players from the Baltic Sea Cup tournament teams that were part of the BSE Report and which University they decided to attend.

Not sure what all the fuss about NCAA Basketball is the read more here


Why bother with the NCAA?

What’s all the fuss about leaving home, friends and family behind to play basketball in a country where they don’t even speak my language?….

TASK: Cross off the list the things you don’t like,

  1. Playing Basketball
  2. Playing Basketball against great competition
  3. Getting free sports gear and trainers
  4. Playing games in front of big crowds and on TV
  5. Training with the latest equipment and new facilities
  6. Getting free massage, physio and doctors help if needed
  7. Being a star on the team (most international players are loved by the locals)
  8. Somebody paying for your accommodation and food
  9. Somebody paying for you to get a degree that is worth about $200,000
  10. Doing all this in an environment where everything is about being the best you can be and winning games

Now if your still interested here are the things that do really make it difficult….

Taking the SAT (probably twice) and the Toefl and filling in forms and doing bits of paper work that all seem weird and confusing, Training at a level of intensity that you have probably never experienced in your life, having very little spare time or sociallife , tough to get all your study work done whilst being physically exhausted, missing home like crazy and crying like a little baby in your first months or your whole freshman year for some people! College Basketball is no joke! its a serious business and whilst many players dream of it very few have a real idea of what its actually like. But think about what you are missing if you don’t give try it. Playing in the NCAA is not for everyone but if you think you maybe interested then you need to have the right people helping you to through the recruiting process that really understand whats going on.

Some pictures and videos that show what playing College Basketball can really be like.

Louisville crowd

Some colleges consistently get around 5,000 fans a game, the top programs for college attendance get over 8,000

Training can be hard….

You will be tested physically and mentally

But playing in the big games in front of the big crowds for the Championship

A chance to give back and be a part of the community

A chance to travel with your team on tour to Europe

Making friends for life and just having fun

Being part of College Athletics is more than just Basketball

The results can be worth it – Highlights to remember for the rest of your life

If all this makes you think you want to be recruited then you can read in more detail information for players on the website and register for free to be part of the Blue Star Europe report that goes out to hundreds of coaches.  There are over 300 Division 1 NCAA universities and there are also Division 2 schools and JUCO and NAIA schools that offer scholarships.

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